About Us

Well prepared for the future.
In 1913, two brothers set up a metal-working company on their family property in Letmathe. With great entrepreneurial spirit and human effort, and despite difficult times, the founding generation lays the basis for the Vieler Group. The second generation is able to work under better conditions – the company flourishes during the “economical miracle” of the 1960s.
The third Vieler generation expands the business to other countries. Vieler is innovative in its development of a brand quality that is valued all over the world. Today, the Vieler Group is optimally equipped for the future with its dedicated workforce. We wish our future generations the wisdom and insight, along with the best of luck to be successful as they head into their second century of business.

Vieler products stand out due to their exceptional ease of motion, even after demanding long-term use. The secret behind this movement lies in the internal mechanisms of our products. Beneath a sophisticated surface, there are complex, high-precision mechanical elements in action which have been developed and produced with utmost accuracy. “Moving and Connecting” – is the motto that characterises our philosophy as the vital brand essence of this
globally active organisation. With the ultimate level of quality, functionality and aesthetics, Vieler products connect people to each other and to their surroundings.

Our sales and marketing efforts are geared toward the requirements of our customer’s needs all over the World. At the same time, our attention always focuses on the development of corporate strategies and solutions for the future demands of the market.

At Vieler, quality in function and design is based on a high level of awareness of cultural values. Each individual employee contributes towards the success of this synthesis of artistic and constructive perfection. Traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology are united at each production step. Vieler also continues to break new ground with the time-honoured pioneering spirit of the organisation. The closed “compact” functional element in the door hardware segment is a good example of this.

Vieler makes no compromises when it comes to material selection. Aluminium and stainless steel are the traditional materials for our products. In the goods receiving area, the first stringent technical inspection is carried out before the metal is made into a Vieler product.

Vieler places its confidence in the productive, dependable combination of craftsmanship and the latest processing technologies. Aluminium and stainless steel are non-corrosive and physiologically safe as well as meeting the highest demands on strength. The production process makes special requirements on the special know-how and experience of our employees. Excellent artisan quality and tradition are also safeguarded at Vieler by in-house training and specialist qualifications.

Complex work steps are necessary to give Vieler products their highgrade material characteristics, typically with a design-enhancing brushed matt or polished surface finish. Only meticulous processing with utmost attention to detail can achieve such an overall excellent result – a result that is repeatable in each individual item.

Quality inspections during production and assembly ensure that Vieler products withstand everyday use for many decades to come. At the same time, the portfolio is expanded and renewed with prudence and forethought. Consequently, Vieler products are always
innovative with state of the art design, as evidence by earning numerous eminent prizes and awards.

A sound, lean administration warrants efficient workflows, promoting a team spirit to achieve a good working atmosphere and creating not only idealistic values but also the leeway necessary for innovations. These are the foundations on which the organisation can safeguard
its trademark – the high quality of its products – even under conditions that are intensified by international competition.

Vieler products move and connect elements worldwide. The main markets are served with industry and innovative strength through our own subsidiaries and international business partners. Orientation to the needs of our customers all over the world and their confidence in us will continue to be the guiding principle of the corporate objectives and developments at Vieler.